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Palm trees for Nurseries & Landscaping Companies

Our real customer base is composed of Nurseries and Landscaping companies. Palm tree and plant nurseries often order our palms because they are grown in such a loving & stable environment. Our palms are grown in South West Florida, Pine Island Fl, so that means no smog; our palm trees grow up big and strong.

Our Palm Trees are a favorite among local nurseries and landscapers, and there's no secret why; our palm trees come in all sizes and our prices are unbeatable. Our prices are so low we can't advertise them!

Rows of Coconut & Queen palm trees at Cove Farms.

Landscapers are highly valued customers at Cove Farms - Home of the Christmas Palm. Landscapers know that our palms are maintained with the utmost care every day; our beautiful palms display both of our hard work.

The palms here are trimmed, watered and feed with professionalism and experience. Landscaping companies have come to rely on our palm trees to give that touch of paradise in anyones lawn.

More rows & rows of potted palm trees.

Use the button or link at the side to send us a quick email about our Landscaping and Nursery supply program. It will take less than a minute to actually send us your 'high priority' question about our Nurseries & Landscaping Program Prices. Our support and sales staff are waiting to answer your questions and provide you and your landscaping or nursery employees with prices and availabilities of our palm trees.

Whether you are a 'mom and pop' palm nursery or a much larger nursery operation, whether you are a family landscaping business or a large landscaping business, Cove Farms can provide you with beautiful thriving palm trees of many varieties so that you can increase your sales and revenues. Leave the growing of the palms to us, we will leave the selling and planting of the palm trees to you, because your business is very important to us here at Cove Farms - Home of the Christmas Palm.

Nurseries & Landscaping Companies love Palm Trees grown by Cove Farms

Send a question regarding price or availability of palm trees for Nurseries & Landscaping Companies.

Palm trees for Nurseries & Landscaping Companies

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