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Cove Farms has built its success upon providing live haulers, fish trucks, restaurants and Tilapia distributors with the most affordable prices and tastiest Tilapia in the market!

Please Read:
At this time Cove Farms has no plans to offer our Tilapia to Home Growers. We donít discriminate against Tilapia home growers; itís just that home growers are not our target market. We want you to be successful at what you love to do and that is why we would like to direct your attention to tilapiafarmingathome.com if you are a home grower of Tilapia. Tilapia Home Growers should contact them for support and opportunities on how to purchase tilapia for home use.
  • We do not ship.
  • We do not sell Tilapia Fingerlings.
  • We only sell by the truckload.
  • Cove Farms is located in South West Florida.
  • We offer a minimum pick-up of 100 fish if you would like to meet us at our farm gate.

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* Live Tilapia is a nonnative and restricted species that requires a permit in Florida to purchase, transport and sell.

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